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Questions About Estate Planning, Estates And Probate In Florida And Georgia

At Secured Legacy Law Firm, we love to answer questions because it gives us the chance to personalize the information that we impart to clients or potential clients. The questions below are examples of some that we often hear. To discuss your own concerns or uncertainties about estate planning with an attorney, call us at 786-744-4105 or complete our inquiry form online.

If I create a do-it-yourself will using documents from the internet, will it be valid?

Some people have created do-it-yourself (DIY) wills that enabled executors to open their estates and begin the probate process. However, it is far too easy to make mistakes when doing this without legal counsel. The mistakes you may make in a DIY will could have extremely undesirable consequences. For example, do you want to leave assets to an ex-spouse of one of your children? Do you know the legal requirements for signing a will to ensure that it will be valid and enforceable? An attorney can answer these and other questions you may have while helping you document your wishes about your possession after you die.

I have chosen to spend my retirement years in Florida (or Georgia), but most of my family lives in other states. What will they need to know when it is time to administer my estate?

The process of settling your estate from a distance is very achievable, especially if your surviving family members work with a local estate law attorney in the area where you have lived and/or own real estate at the time of your death. We welcome inquiries from out-of-state relatives after the death of a Florida or Georgia resident. Better yet, get an estate planning attorney enlisted now, so your loved ones will know whom to turn to at that future time.

I hear recommendations to create powers of attorney, but it makes me nervous to think of someone else managing my affairs while I am still alive. Why are powers of attorney so important?

No one likes to think about being incapacitated someday. But it happens to a great many people at some time, especially during the period leading up to death. With a power of attorney, you can designate, ahead of time, someone who can use your bank accounts to pay your medical bills, pay property taxes to prevent trouble with your municipality and otherwise take care of your essential affairs when you are unable to. This is just one example of how a power of attorney can help others help you in a time of need.

My spouse and I want to create estate plans that complement each other. Can we accomplish this in one will for the two of us?

You will need a will for each of you, but you can coordinate and streamline the process of estate planning by working with the same lawyer. Naturally, you don’t want your estate plans to be in conflict about business interests, real property or issues related to your children. At Secured Legacy Law Firm, our lawyers will help you and your husband or wife create wills and/or trusts that work together to achieve your respective ultimate aims.