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Start Your Business On Solid Footing

Making plans to form a business entity is exciting and energizing for many entrepreneurs. It is also challenging and may raise many legal and finance-related questions. You may be on this path for a number of reasons, such as:

  • A hobby of yours is gathering more and more interest from people who want to buy what you make or pay for your services.
  • You see a need in your community or industry and want to fill that need profitably.
  • You have an inheritance or some other infusion of cash and see this as an opportunity to invest in a business with the promise of building on those assets.
  • You already own a business but would like to split off part of its operations into a new, separate entity.

At Secured Legacy Law Firm, we enable people to develop and implement business formation plans that will allow them to get to work as soon as possible doing the things they do best without spinning their wheels over legal details. We are here to take care of many of those necessary steps with you and for you. The first one is to decide what type of business entity will be best for the goals in front of you.

What Type Of Business Structure Will Meet Your Needs?

You may opt for one or more of these entity types for your business:

  • A sole proprietorship, which is totally under your control and is solely your responsibility
  • A “DBA” (doing business as or anonymous) sole proprietorship with a name other than your own
  • A general partnership, with equal rights for each partner to act on behalf of the other
  • A limited partnership, with limited responsibilities and authority for each partner
  • A limited liability company, which shields those operating the business from personal liability
  • An S corporation, which must follow strict operating rules and whose shareholders (up to 100) must all be U.S. citizens or legal residents and must pay taxes on their profits
  • A C corporation, which can sell unlimited shares and must pay taxes as a corporation
  • A nonprofit organization, including churches, ministries, philanthropic organizations and so on

Attorney Jadinah Gustave-Sejour and our team can help make you aware of the benefits and responsibilities that go with each business entity structure. We want to give you the information and understanding that you need to make the right decisions and get your business in gear.

Let Us Hear From You About Your Business Formation Aspirations

We are ready to listen, inform and guide you in a personalized way. Helping you achieve your goals is, in fact, our goal.

To schedule a consultation with a business formation lawyer in Fort Lauderdale or Decatur, call 786-744-4105 or send us a message. We will respond promptly.