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Maximizing The Effectiveness Of Your Business Partnership

A business partnership is something like a construction company with each partner contributing their skills to build something between them. A partnership in business is also something like a marriage in that, once you have formed a partnership, the commitment endures until one of you dies or the partnership is dissolved. The analogies may seem overly simplistic, but they call attention to the need to understand the nature of a business partnership before entering into it. Once a partnership exists, disputes should be addressed and resolved promptly to prevent failure of the underlying goals.

At Secured Legacy Law Firm, we help business owners plan, create, manage and dissolve partnerships. Jadinah Gustave-Sejour, our founding attorney, has built a strong reputation in the for-profit business and nonprofit communities, known for her skill at helping people make the most of business partnerships.

Services We Can Provide To Help You Manage Your Partnership Well

Contact us for step-by-step guidance in any of the following areas involving your business partnership:

  • Envisioning and developing a plan to create a partnership
  • Drafting, negotiating and finalizing a partnership agreement
  • Registering your partnership with the state of Florida or Georgia
  • Clarifying and carrying out productive operations of your business partnership
  • Resolving disputes in a cost-effective, timely manner as your partnership matures
  • Responding wisely and appropriately to the unexpected, such as  medical crises, deaths, divorces or business disruptions
  • Merging your partnership with another business
  • Converting your partnership to another type of organization
  • Dissolving your partnership

Do not be surprised if your business partnership hits a rocky road now and then. You and your business partner may discover differing expectations about workload allocation, business development directions or other details of your business. Such disagreements are common, and they do not need to spell the end of your partnership. We have helped many past clients get past such difficulties and go on to flourish in new ways.

Let Us Know About Your Concerns

Our experience and passion can be assets in your business partnership journey. We believe in integrity, transparency, morality, compassion and accountability in business relationships as well as attorney-client relationships. We have much to offer you and your business partner as you pursue your inspired goals together.

To schedule a consultation about starting, managing or changing course in a general or limited partnership in Florida or Georgia, call us at 786-744-4105 or send an email inquiry. We are well-equipped to help your business dreams come true.