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Draft And Formalize Contracts For Your Business With Confidence

At Secured Legacy Law Firm in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Decatur, Georgia, you will find customized legal counsel in all contract matters for yourself and/or your business.

Our founding and lead attorney, Jadinah Gustave-Sejour, is a big believer in educating and informing clients so that they can understand and make the right choices for themselves. As we draft, review or revise a contract for you as an individual or for your business, we will strongly emphasize clarity. That is, we want you to know what you are agreeing to and think objectively about whether you can fulfill the terms of the contracts you enter into.

A Strong Emphasis On Integrity And Intention

When you ask for our guidance in a contractual situation, we will remind you of the important characteristics of a legally binding contract:

  • It must involve an offer, acceptance, consideration (such as payment) and mutual understanding between parties to the contract
  • It must not be illegal or impossible to fulfill
  • It may be written or oral, but written, certified and notarized contracts offer peace of mind and more direct opportunities for enforcement

Ask us for assistance with any contracts for your business or other types of agreements, such as the following:

  • A partnership agreement
  • A commercial lease
  • Purchase and sale contracts for goods, services or entire businesses
  • Employment contracts
  • Restrictive covenants for employees

Special Considerations And Circumstances

In many circumstances, contract laws allow for:

  • A choice of which laws should apply to the contract (Florida, Georgia, U.S. federal laws or laws of other jurisdictions where other parties to the contract live and work)
  • A buyer’s option to cancel a contract within three days

Know your rights and prepare yourself to respond appropriately to any unexpected situation, such as the other party’s reneging on the contract. Our contract law attorneys can represent you in a breach of contract claim or any dispute involving a contract that you initiated or agreed to.

Turn To Secured Legacy Law Firm For The Explanations And Support You Need In Business Contracts And More

Keep your business or your personal finances on a path headed for success. Create or review contracts that may help you meet your objectives. Understand the contracts you sign. Get legal counsel for reassurance and, if necessary, representation in case of a conflict.

To protect yourself from undesirable consequences arising from a contract, reach our law offices in Fort Lauderdale or Decatur by calling 786-744-4105 or sending an email inquiry. We urge you to pursue personalized guidance about a contract before signing one.