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Attorney Jadinah Gustave

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Legacy building brings together resources, skills and ideals on a firm foundation. You may be planning to start or invest in a business, establish a nonprofit organization or grow your business through mergers and acquisitions. On the other hand, you may want to update your estate plan or align it with your business development and succession goals.

No matter what your intentions are, we are interested in guiding you in ways that can foster success. Our founder and lead attorney, Jadinah Sejour Gustave, will take the time and thoughtfulness necessary to help you bring your legal objectives to fulfillment.

We Are Here To Help You Discover The Solutions You Seek

At Secured Legacy Law Firm, our clients often contact us while puzzling over problems to solve. They soon come to understand that through their time with us, they will find the tools and direction that they need to make the right decisions. We help them realize that their needs and dreams matter and that their goals are worth pursuing purposefully.

What Our Clients Say

Past clients have remarked on our work ethic, efficient service, knowledgeable counsel and clear explanations. They have told us that they experienced peace of mind and a sense of empowerment as we advised them on:

  • Business formations, partnerships, investments and asset management
  • Estate planning, including wills, trusts and powers of attorney

Many clients of our firm appreciate the importance of coordinating efforts in the public and private realms of life. Our integrated estate planning and business counseling make this goal achievable for many.

Our Team

Attorney Jadinah Gustave

Jadinah N. Gustave

Founding Attorney

Fritz Gustave

Fritz Gustave, BA

Chief Consulting Manager

Chakita Jenkins

Chakita Jenkins

Case Manager

How Can We Help?

Bring your Florida or Georgia business formation and growth ideas to our attention, and we will supply you with a road map to implementation. Schedule a consultation by calling 786-744-4105 or send an inquiry online for a prompt response. Our attorneys and staff look forward to meeting you and learning about your needs and aspirations.